Bubble Windows

Bubble Window 1

Bubble Windows are manufactured of the highest quality materials

One of the keys to saving on electricity is using the sun for lighting. The bubble windows spread and soften direct sunlight (and moonlight) from every angle. They illuminate the interior smoothly with no direct light source, no bulbs to replace, and no electricity. In the summertime, when the bubble windows are filled with water, the “solid” quality of the bubbles allows plenty of light with minimal heat. They are far more efficient at insulating than typical pane windows and you can read here to know all of its features in detail which is explained by an expert. The seam is a flange sealed in the structure wall, rather than a rubber or silicon seam that will decay over time. The windows allow a full sunlight spectrum into the green room for growing food bearing plants, scrubbing, and recycling the air.

Just the sunlight through one 12" sphere is enough to illuminate the BioHOME's "Ready Room" - the plants just love it!

Just the sunlight through one 16″ sphere is enough to illuminate the BIOHOME’s “Ready Room” – plants love it!

The Bubble Windows are a special manufacture designed for BIOHOME. They are lightweight, strong, and long lasting. The round shape gives them a new strength that pane windows don’t have, and the round quality allows amazing amounts of light to flow into your home. The windows themselves are currently available for sale. Just contact us for pricing per size. They range from 12″ to 36″ in diameter, with a 1″ flange around the edge.