Hello Edward.

I wanted to give you an up date on my Earth Base Station.( E.B.S.)
First of all I would like to thank you for all your help in the
construction of my project. You made it easy for me to built and
maintain my E.B.S. and I’m enjoying living in it very much.

The Solar Power System has performed perfectly. I have had no problems
with it and I feel confident that I can fix it my self
should a  problem come up. The E,B.S.  power system was not only
inexpensive to construct but is proving itself to be very reliable. I
don’t worry about power outages or romaing black outs and this is a
great feeling of secured to me.

This summer has already reached very hot temperatures. The
concrete solar mass floor has kept the E.B.S. inside temperature very
comfortable with out adding any extra cooling devices.

The structure itself has no problems going through the extreme weather
conditions we have in Northern Nevada. The Elastromeric coating on the
out side of the E.B.S. has shown no weathering at all
in the two years.

The bubble windows let in plenty of light during the day and their
solar lights create a soft moon light through out the inside at night,

My green room in on going, so not much to report there other then
it is a wonderful experience having your home grow food for you.

All in all, I would say this has been the best thing I have ever done
for myself. I now am freed up from on going bills and living with
mother nature as I wish our whole planet could do. Some day maybe.

Thank you once again for helping me to build my E.B.S. and respecting
my privacy.

Your Friend.


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