Geodesic Dome Framework

Color coding makes assembly of the Geodesic Dome framework easy

The internal framework of BIOHOME is ideal for its strength and economy for space and budget. Framework for the 12′ dome only costs a few hundred dollars. Domes sizing range from 12′ to 100′. The 24′ dome can be split into two floors, giving over 900 square feet in one dome. By using triangular sections, the dome is able to withstand tremendous amounts of pressure on the top axis point.

Color-coding and simple instructions make them easy to build with basic tools, rather than hiring a contractor and spending tens of thousands on framing timber for a house of equivalent size. The steel framework is strong, yet lightweight. The shape of the domes are resistant to earthquakes and the worst of weather conditions, including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, gale force winds, and whatever mother nature can throw at it. When you build the dome, you build the roof and walls all at the same time.