NOTE:  Pricing information on this page is outdated and no longer applicable.  This page is still available for information only.

To respond to the overwhelming inquiries of how much it costs to construct an off-grid BIOHOME, this page will describe some of the fixed  up-front costs along with some estimations.

First, I license you to use my building technologies. That is $4000.00 for each off-grid BIOHOME you would like to build no matter what size. There is a $4000.00 consultant deposit and we work at $200.00 per hour for you over the phone, internet, and planning, as we guide you through all the steps from start to finish. Should you need us on your location myself or one of our reps are $500.00 per day plus all expenses to, from, and at, your location anywhere, globally.

Building product ballpark costs are difficult to determine. Prices are subject to change over time as the standard prices of raw materials can vary over time. In general, costs are about 1/3 of the cost per square foot of conventional construction. Here are a couple of quick estimates for building costs only that can help you get started:

$25,000 to $35,000 would give you a modest 600 to 800 feet of living space. Which could be a 24 ft dim. dome 16 ft high, with an upper floor. Or a 16 ft in dim dome 8 ft high attached to the 24 ft. dome. This would include a small solar power system, solar toilet and a small water recycle. As stated, this is building cost only, and would not include your land.

A larger BIOHOME such as the EARTH BASE STATION would be in the ball park of $50,000.00 to $75,000.00. In a home of this scale, you could construct a grow room, get set up for recycling of air and water. 6 to 8 inches thick foam walls, over 2000 ft of living space and a solar electric heated floor with a power system to run, TVs, kitchen appliances, computers, lighting, power tools, etc.

Planetary location will dictate your needs and how your BIOHOME will need to be tweaked to perform at it’s best for your climate. The important thing is even if it cost as much as conventional construction, you end up with so much more:

  • A structure resistant to the elements – mold-proof, chew-proof, bacteria-inhibiting, and self-extinguishing should it catch fire
  • A closed system so you can control your air and food growth – no on-going bills for power, water, or sewage

Show me a home on the market today that can do all that. Build an Off Grid BIOHOME and it will probably be your home for life.

Edward B. Dilley Sr.