More and more of you are having trouble finding land with no
building codes. As BIOHOME’s will not pass any conventional codes.

I would like to suggest something to you. There is property available in
Eureka County Nevada, (where Project BIOHOME and the Earth Base Station
are located) that has no building restriction. It is beautiful high desert
land. Not much rain fall which is a good thing with the on going
radioactive fall out that is continuing to come from Japans atomic
power plant melt downs. Our world has changed, time to adjust to our
new world. You could be living among people such as yourself, who want
to be off the grid.

The benefits of living off grid are many. No on going power, water, and
sewage monthly bills. A freedom from high taxes. My annual tax
bill for 20 acres is around $14.00. More and more of you have said to me, that you
would like to build a BIOHOME but are having trouble finding land with no building codes, this may be your answer.

As this thinking of a BIOHOME village comes together, it would be
possible to create jobs, for those who would like to work. Build the components
needed to construct a BIOHOME and ship out to the world from here.
There would also be a need for people to do marketing,
accounting, all the necessary jobs needed to support this endeavor.

As we adjust to our new future, becoming as independent as you can will
give you more freedom and quality personal time for things you want to do.
If any of this resonates with you. I would like to help you achieve this goal.
Lets Talk. Please feel free to e-mail me at:

Love and light to all of you
Edward B.Dilley Sr.

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