BioHOME Foam adheres to any shape and resists all the elements!

BIOHOME Foam adheres to any shape. Get creative with your home's design!

Our BIOHOME Foam lends itself to sustainable living far better than any other building material. It is proven to keep interior temperature very comfortable without any heating or air conditioning. The foam is an excellent material for sealing, insulation, and locking in the geodesic structure. Conventional building code requires R19 for the walls, and R28-30 for the roof. Project BIOHOME has an R value of almost 90. BIOHOME foam also resists fire, water, mold, and insects.

Using BIOHOME foam for construction makes your home an efficient green home through dramatic savings on power costs. The original BIOHOME lives in the northern Nevada desert, where it faced extreme highs of 118° F in the summer and -35° F in the winter. The interior has stayed nice and comfortable.

Prior to applying the foam, the geodesic framework is covered with a wire mesh. Windows and any in-wall systems (electrical, etc.) are set up at this point. Foaming locks in the framework and wire mesh, making a monolithic super-structure that is durable, lightweight, and strong. We then cover the foam with elastomeric coating that resists weather, UV, and insects.  We have taken all the best qualities of structural integrity, developed a special construction technique, and put it all together in a revolutionary new way to make this easy for you!