Select Component Pricing

We have special pricing on these select components of an Off Grid BIOHOME for our licensed homeowner builders!

A BIOHOME license is $4000.00
The consultant agreement deposit is $4000.00
As we guide you through your project from A to Z.

BIOHOME geodesic dome framework kits:


Made from galvanized steel tubing:

  • E-mail us at
  • for a list of geodesic frame sizes and up to date prices.

Color coding makes assembly of the Geodesic Dome framework easy

Color coded for easy assembly

BIOHOME foam is $2500.00 per set of two 55 gallon drums A&B. One set will cover a 24 ft dome with about 4 inches of foam.

Our BIOHOME foam team and equipment is $1500.00 per day plus expenses.

BIOHOME bubble windows:

  • 16 inch dia. 1/4 inch thick with one inch flange: $320.00 each, minimum 4 bubble windows per order
  • Various sizes avalable, e-mail for pricing


Please allow 30-60 days for delivery. Foam prices are subject to change. Sales available everywhere except the state of Nevada.

Watch this page for additional specials on BIOHOME components!